Asian Chronicle USA TV
COMCAST Public Access Channel      
Channels 19 & 35   
Asian Chronicle USA is a television program on public access cable, that is made possible through the courtesy of Comcast Studios in Skokie, IL. It is aired every Saturday at 5:30 PM on Channels 19 and 35 (N & NW Chicago suburbs), and
every Tuesday at 10:00 PM on Channel 19 (SW Chicago suburbs). It is produced and directed by a professionally-trained crew extending their services pro-bono. The program is a labor of love and a service to the Asian American community at-large. Asian Chronicle USA (formerly Filipino Mabuhay) debuted in 1997 and was changed to its current name in January 1999, for inclusion of all Asians and the expansion of its programs. It has gotten recognition from the Office of the Governor for its excellent programming and professionalism. Our executive producer Francis L. Mon was awarded “Producer of the Year 2009” by the Cable Commission, Village of Skokie.       
 Every November, we hold an awards ceremony. We honor exemplary Asians, philanthropic or humanitarians, who have paved the way or have made significant contributions for the betterment of the lives of the less fortunate, the impoverished and the under-served. Asian Model Families are recognized based on the criteria that they are cohesive, role models for others to emulate, extended numerous civic and community services here and/or their native countries and have impacted the positive image of Asians in America .We embrace exceptional young professionals and youths who are leading the path of today’s generation and those of the future. Some of our recipients receive the President’s Call to Service Volunteer Award. The categories are Lifetime, Gold, and Bronze. Each recipient receives a certificate, a pin, and a letter from President . Asian Chronicle USA is privileged to have this opportunity to showcase deserving people in the Asian community on our program. 
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